Creamy Scrambled Eggs

You may be thinking right now, “Seriously? Do you really need to clarify how to make one of the easiest things in the world?” Yes, yes I do.

I’ve been asked time and time again to make these specific eggs for so many people. I’m tired of everyone asking me again and again how to cook them so here it is! They are DELICIOUS and it makes such a difference to follow my tips below. 1465045959794


  • Get some real butter, no margarine. Margarine is the original fake food according to Michael Pollan, and I really despise it.
  • Put the butter with the eggs
    Cut the butter into little chunks and mix it into the egg after your whisk them and before you cook them. The butter will melt and remain in the eggs.
  • Sour cream, the secret to the best eggs
    When your eggs are about halfway cooked, with some raw, liquidy egg left, take the pan off the burner and add a spoonful of sour cream or creme fraiche. Mix it up and then put it back on the burner to continue to cook.
  • Use a saucepan to cook them instead of a frying pan. You can mix them much more easily this way.
  • Before you cook them, add herbs and spices to the raw eggs. Below I’ve listed some of my favorite combinations.


For each egg you cook, I recommend 1/8 tsp as your standard for each herb or spice


I can guarantee if you try adding flavor to your eggs before cooking them, every time you go out to breakfast you’ll be asking the chef for special eggs like a posh gal.

  • salt + pepper + paprika in equal quantities
  • salt + chili powder + cumin with less cumin
  • tarragon + sage + salt + extra pepper
  • red pepper flakes + oregano + salt + pepper
  • curry powder + salt + pepper
  • salt + cayenne + a pinch of nutmeg


Try your own! Get out there and experiment with your eggs…. okay not in that way. Come on, you know what I mean.

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