Welcome to the Odd Omnivore!

I’ve created this website for anyone curious about food, traveling, and the earth. Whether you want to learn how to cook, travel, or how to live a greener life, it’s all right here. There are a lot of negative things that come our way every day, by means of the news, social media, maybe even through those around us. I want the OO to be a counterweight to this doom and gloomy atmosphere, with content that helps us all feel in control of living better, sustainable, and cultured lives. I hope you enjoy my site as much as I love cultivating it!


I’ve included a lot of my own personal, as well as favorite discovered recipes over the years on my website, with separate categories for pescatarianism, vegetarianism, and veganism! However, since this is the Odd Omnivore, there are recipes that include meat. If you’d like to lessen your meat consumption to help save the earth that’d be cool too! 🙂


Are you aware of the impact you have when you sit down to eat breakfast, or when you take a shower? Do you know that recycling is cool and all but there are two steps you can take before that to reduce your footprint? Angry about how awful politics around the environment are currently?? I’m incredibly interested in how our species impacts the earth, and why we continue to separate ourselves from the natural world. As a graduate of environmental science and policy, that curiosity starts to make complete sense. I’d love to share that curiosity and knowledge with you through posts relating to news, but also REAL solutions and things you can do right now


I’ve got it; the travel bug. My mother is always saying to her friends,

“Megan has no moss under her feet, she can’t stay in one place for too long.”

She’s probably right, but most of my travel has been to specific places for long periods, and through this section of my website I share stories, interesting cultural differences, and places you’ve got to get out in the world to see. Take a look!