BLT&A Sandwich

Hello everyone! I'm back with another great recipe for you today. Let's talk about what makes a great sandwich... The most important thing is the BREAD What an amazing food. Whole wheat, high fiber bread is your best bet. My favorite bread for a sandwich is one that is whole wheat with lots of seeds … Continue reading BLT&A Sandwich


The Giant, Ugly Footprint of Meat & What You Can Do About It

How can eating meat harm the planet? Producing meat for human consumption takes a hefty tole on the environment. There are several factors to consider including greenhouse gas emissions, deforestation, and the massive resource footprint of meat, among other impacts. Greenhouse Gas Emissions The production of livestock worldwide accounts for 14.5%, with cattle contributing 62% … Continue reading The Giant, Ugly Footprint of Meat & What You Can Do About It

My Favorite Plant Proteins

Interested in eating a more plant-based diet but don't know where to start? You've come to the right place my friend! I've created this handy infographic to help you start with my favorite sources of protein from plants. You can view this as a PDF here! --> My Favorite Plant Protein